Ensuring your and your family’s eyes are healthy can be tricky, especially when you don’t know good clinics to visit. Do you live in Safford, AZ? Are you looking for a family optometrist? Well, you’re in luck. Desert Family Vision Center has got you covered.

They Provide Quality Eye Care

If you want the best care for your family, Desert Family Vision Center is the place to be. They have Dr. Charles Ferrin, the best eye doctor in Safford, AZ.  Dr. Ferrin is state-certified to prescribe medication to treat various eye infections. He is also qualified to provide pre- and post-operative ocular surgical care. Additionally, Dr. Ferrin is also eligible to provide vision therapy for you and your children.  With Desert Family Vision Center, you and your family will only receive the quality eye care you deserve.

They Offer a Variety Of Frames and Lenses

Aside from being home to the best eye doctor in Safford, AZ, their product offerings are another thing to consider. They have an optical shop that offers a variety of frame styles, ranging from eyeglasses to sunglasses. Getting prescription glasses doesn’t mean you have to neglect style and fashion.  If you’re worried about not having enough time to spare, worry not. Desert Family Vision Center also offers same-day services for glasses and contact lenses. With them, the only thing you’re going to worry about is choosing the perfect pair. 

They Use Advanced Technology

Advanced technology is, of course, the best preventive measure for eye diseases. This technology allows for the early detection of severe eye problems and treatment to be quite a breeze.Desert Family Vision Center only uses up-to-date technology to make sure you receive quality services. They’re also an advocate for myopia control and offer medically-necessary contact lenses for those with keratoconus.

They Offer Children’s Vision Services

While experts recommend that children get their eyes checked at an early age, not all clinics offer children’s vision services. Of course, it’s best to leave your children’s eye health to someone qualified. If you happen to live in Safford, AZ, you can visit Desert Family Vision Center for your children’s eye care. Aside from offering comprehensive eye examinations for children, they also provide vision therapy. These services can help you take care of your children’s eyes and ensure they receive quality service.

Final Thoughts

While choosing an optometrist for yourself can be easy, finding one for your family can be tricky. You and your family only deserve the best, so that’s what you should look for. If you’re in Safford, AZ, and want quality eye care for you and your family, visit Desert Family Vision Center.